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Kiaat Ridge Hospitality
The Hotel will be in walking distance to the Dams, Retail Centre, Office Park and Hospital

The hotel envisaged at Kiaat Ridge will serve as a comfortable, convenient and secure resting place for weary travellers or loved ones of patients at the Kiaat Private Hospital.

Identifying the need for affordable but elegant accommodation on the doorstep of the private hospital, the developers were intent on providing an establishment which covers the full spectrum of hospitality needs, without the hefty price-tag.

This three or four star hotel will have quick access to the various amenities that Kiaat Ridge has to offer. The hotel is situated within walking distance of the pristine green belt, the tranquil dams, the Retail Centre, Office Park, Private Hospital and other facilities included in the development.

The hotel will act as the perfect overnight recharge point for visitors who have travelled to see one of the hospital’s specialist or doctors, while its close proximity to the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport and the N4 will make it an ideal base for tourists.

We encourage you to come and experience the warmth and hospitality of this charismatic development, a destination where convenience and understated luxury creates a spellbinding magnetism in an exquisite natural setting infused with urban panache.

Kiaat Ridge Hotel

The Full Spectrum
Of Hospitality Needs
Without the Hefty Price-Tag.

Kiaat Ridge Hotel
Kiaat Ridge Hotel
Kiaat Ridge Hotel

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