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Medical Centres of Excellence
Kiaat Ridge's Medical Centres of Excellence are within walking distance of Kiaat Hospital.

In the interests of achieving a world-class level of comprehensive healthcare, the Kiaat Hospital will be reinforced by state-of-the-art, secure Medical Centres of Excellence employing highly specialised medical professionals from a variety of fields.

Reassuringly situated within walking distance of the Kiaat Hospital, these Medical Centres will be easily accessible to patients at the Private Hospital or those visiting the consulting rooms, eliminating the hassle of travelling long distances to seek out the medical care needed.

You can be assured that you or your loved ones will be receiving the finest medical treatment available, with specialist doctors, including neurologists and cardiologists, supported by top-of-the-range medical equipment for the best possible diagnostic process and treatment procedures.

A quick referral time and optimum communication between hospital staff, doctors and specialists, along with strict professionalism, ensures ultimate peace of mind for both patients and relatives.

The Medical Centres of Excellence together with the Kiaat Hospital will play an essential part in the delivery of the fully comprehensive medical care and treatment that will establish the facility as a regional showcase of world-class healthcare.

Medical Centres of Excellence
A Regional Showcase of
World-Class Healthcare!

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