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An Overview
Kiaat Ridge Upmarket Shopping and Lifestyle Centre

Thoughtfully integrated into the indigenous countryside, an upmarket shopping and lifestyle centre with a vibrant tenant mix will add a classy cosmopolitan flair to Kiaat Ridge while conveniently catering to residents and visitors alike.

Expedient access and exit points and ample parking space will make the centre an easily accessible hub for commuters using the R40 between White River and Nelspruit. The variety of restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores and retail outlets on offer mean that Kiaat Ridge residents will find everything they need without leaving their doorstep.

An open shop layout, lush greenery and an airy outdoor feel pay full tribute to the Lowveld’s balmy weather, with restaurants and coffee shops boasting panoramic views over the breath-taking Komati Gorge.

For tenants of the Office Park, the centre is within walking distance, making it the perfect location for a business meeting or a swift pick-up point for groceries before heading home.

This charming shopping centre is situated in close proximity to Penryn College, making it a wonderful place for parents to while away the time while waiting for the children to finish school.

The Kiaat Ridge Retail Centre will act as a striking but convenient destination, delivering a classy outdoor shopping experience that stays true to the laidback ambience that characterises the Lowveld.

Kiaat Ridge Retail & Lifestyle Centre
A Classy Outdoor Shopping Experience!

Kiaat Ridge Retail Centre
Kiaat Ridge Retail Centre
Kiaat Ridge Retail Centre

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